severable contract

severable contract
entire and severable contracts
An entire contract is one the consideration of which is entire on both sides. The entire fulfillment of the promise by either is a condition precedent to the fulfillment of any part of the promise by the other. Whenever, therefore, there is a contract to pay the gross sum for a certain and definite consideration, the contract is entire. A severable contract is one the consideration of which is, by its terms, susceptible of apportionment on either side, so as to correspond to the unascertained consideration on the other side, as a contract to pay a person the worth of his services so long as he will do certain work; or to give a certain price for every bushel of so much corn as corresponds to a sampie. Where a contract consists of many parts, which may be considered as parts of one whole, the contract is entire. When the parts may be considered as so many distinct contracts, entered into at one time, and expressed in the same instrument, but not thereby made one contract, the contract is a separable contract. But, if the consideration of the contract is single and entire, the contract must be held to be entire, although the subject of the contract may consist of several distinct and wholly independent items.
+ severable contract
A contract which includes two or more promises which can be acted on separately such that the failure to perform one promise does not necessarily put the promisor in breach of the entire agreement. A contract, the nature and purpose of which is susceptible of division and apportionment, having two or more parts, in respect to matters and things contemplated and embraced by it, not necessarily dependent upon each other, or intended by parties as being dependent. Gross v. Maytex Knitting Mills of Cal., 116 C.A.2d 705, 254 P.2d 163, 167.
When a contract is severable, a breach may be found to constitute a default as to only the specific part breached, thus relieving the defaulting party from liability for damages for breach of the entire contract.
See e.g., U.C.C. No. 2-612 with respect to installment contracts.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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